We began producing weddings and events 7 years ago, eventually merging our love for events with our passion for travel. The result: epic guest experiences globally.

At Story Events, we pride ourselves on being creative, pioneering, and motivational event planners. Our team specializes in crafting exceptional experiences, whether it’s for a destination wedding, corporate event, or private party. We curate exclusive locations, design bespoke styling, and provide show-stopping entertainment to set the stage for your event. Our  approach and attention to detail ensure that we design and deliver outstanding events that surpass expectations.


Raj Varma’s exquisite sense of style, attention to detail and ability to transform clients visions into unforgettable celebrations has made him a go-to planner for the nation’s most exclusive and high-profile events. Raj serves as Founder and Director of Story Events and is known for his customized approach to every project, paying careful attention to every detail to ensure each event is exceptional.

An inventive eye, a passion for event planning, and a calming kindness on a wedding day are what Raj believes. Known as one of the most creative minds in the events community, bringing to life the unimaginable in uniquely personal ways is what he does best.

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Raj and his energetic team plan and produce events and weddings around the world for couples, corporations, celebrity, and social hosts of all kinds. With a home base in Hyderabad and a vast experience on the road, no matter where one celebrates, a Raj Varma signature event is one that is truly yours.

Since launching in 2017, Raj has expanded his brand into product lines, Audio Visuals and brand partnerships, continuing to bring a sense of whimsy and love to all that he does.


In it Together, Every Step of the Way!

We take a personalised approach to wedding planning to ensure that each event is a meaningful reflection of our clients as individuals and couples, and expresses their shared values and sense of style. This approach allows us to create truly unique and bespoke wedding experiences that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each client.


Break with the ordinary and leave your worries
with us.

From conceptualization of your event to completion, which includes managing venues, suppliers, logistics, multilingual hostesses, technical support and more, we will create a unique, motivating and unforgettable experience for your company and guests.

What we do

We’re committed to your peace of mind!